Blockchain Awards - Alastria

The Alastria Blockchain Awards are aimed to identify and recognize the most relevant initiatives in the transformation of organizations that are generating an innovative impact on the business and/or the economy throughout the use of Blockchain.

The awards are aimed to all the organizations that have carried out a digital transformation related project or to any development that adds value to the service they offer, the business model they have, the industry they belong to and/or the customer experience the offer, based on Blockchain as a core part of its functionality.


  • Projects that have developed solutions based on Blockchain technology that are in ‘production’ and that, therefore, are generating results.
  • Solutions using Blockchain technology with a high growth potential and scalability based on the data and forecast presented.
  • Blockchain applications that provide measurable differential value throughout the development of innovation, technology disruption or new business model.
  • Blockchain-based projects that generate a positive impact, throughout economic growth, employability, insertion of disadvantaged sectors, in education, or any other measurable improvement for the society and the planet.


Alastria’s Blockchain Awards recognize the use of Blockchain technology in four categories:

  • Best Blockchain project in Large Corp
  • Best Blockchain project in SMEs/Startups
  • Best Blockchain project in Sustainability
  • Best Blockchain project in Digital Assets

In the cases of “Best Blockchain project in Sustainability” and “Best Blockchain project in Digital Assets” any organization may participate, regardless of size or nature as long as its project fits within any of those categories


The Alastria Blockchain Awards are aimed to small, medium, and large companies, foundations, non-profit organizations, and public administrations.


  • Innovation: degree of innovative solution and ability to add value throughout the application of disruptive technologies that solve real-world problems.
  • Maturity: degree of technological maturity of the proposed solution and degree of business maturity (key alliances and partners, customers, turnover, key milestones achieved etc.).
  • Scalability: potential to grow and expand the current business model and likelihood / tested potential to scale the solution.
  • Impact: measurable results in terms of contribution to the economy, education, employment, social and environmental return, etc.).


The four winners will receive a prize recognizing their contribution to the adoption of Blockchain technology. Moreover, the winner will have a big promotion on Alastria’s social networks and official channels and will have a massive media impact via the coverage of our media partner (El Economista).


  • Reception of nominations

Deadline for submission extended until March 31, 2023, at 18:00 h. (CET).

  • Assessment

After the deadline for submitting the applications, a detailed evaluation process will be carried out to choose three finalists in each category. Thereafter, a jury formed by experts in Blockchain technology, business, sustainability, and digital transformation will choose the winner of each category. Additionally, the Alastria members will have the opportunity to vote for the winners and will be considered by the jury during the assessment process.

  • Awards

The awards ceremony will be held on Tuesday 20th of June 2023, during which the winning projects in each of the four categories will be announced.


If you have any questions or would like to request more information, please send an email to Read the Terms and Conditions here.