Obilum Art

Obilum Art

Sector: Blockchain Awards

AplicaciĆ³n: Digital Assets

Empresa: Obilum NFT Studio 2022, S.L.

Obilum is a digital art platform that partners with artists, galleries, and institutions to create a unique digital art marketplace for the art world through energy efficient NFTs.

Our assets are digital artworks, as well as artists who need a medium where they can market their works through NFTs.

Obilum is committed to being that medium, where everything is curated by experts in the art world, thus making collectors invest in a safe value.




Digital art has been around for years, but it was a field where it was impossible to differentiate between originals and copies, until the arrival of the Blockchain.


The need to collect digital art through NFTs arises due to the intangible and easily replicable nature of digital assets, which makes it difficult to guarantee their authenticity and exclusivity. NFTs provide a way to verify the authenticity of a digital artwork, which in turn makes it more valuable to collectors. In addition, NFTs allow digital artists and creators to monetise their work more efficiently and have greater control over the distribution and use of their creations.


Existing digital art platforms until Obilum’s arrival did not have a reliable filter of art experts, so buying from them was almost a matter of chance if you were not knowledgeable. A curated digital art platform offers a solution to this problem, providing a curated and trusted space where collectors can discover, acquire and access verified and authentic digital artworks. In addition, curators offer an expert perspective and guide collectors through the acquisition process, which can help establish greater trust and legitimacy in the digital art market.




  • Market: We propose market stabilisation rather than super-exploitation.
  • Experience: More than 5 years of experience in the blockchain technology world thanks to our main company ioBuilders.
  • Artist-driven: We provide direct curated solutions for each artist according to their case and needs.
  • Phydigital: Physical and digital experience. From Obilum we always promote the physical experience, but the digital property.
  • Ecofriendly: Our main partner is Palm, a blockchain built from the Ethereum blockchain, which generates 99% less CO2 emissions than its competitors.
  • Uniqueness: We promote unique digital artworks instead of thousands of editions. We use blockchain technology from a Fine Art perspective, taking advantage of the benefits of digital while preserving the standards of quality and uniqueness.






Our sustainable code is to provide an ecosystem solution that allows eco-conscious artists and brands to immerse themselves in the NFT world without the heavy impact of an environmental footprint.


Our main partner, the Palm network, was built by a world-class Ethereum protocol team. We are powered by a carbon neutral Ethereum layer two and, compared to other blockchains, the creation and transaction of digital assets generates 99% less CO2 emissions than our competitors.


So, with our technology we have a positive impact on sustainability in a number of ways:


  1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: By reducing CO2 emissions, the platform can help mitigate the negative effects of climate change and protect the environment.
  2. Promoting sustainable practices: By showcasing a sustainable business model, the platform can inspire others to adopt similar practices and raise awareness of the importance of sustainability.
  3. Impact on artists and collectors: The platform will attract environmentally conscious collectors and artists who value sustainability.
  4. Long-term value creation: By embracing sustainability, the platform builds a strong and sustainable customer and artist base, which can generate long-term value for the industry.




  • Palm Blockchain Network
  • ioBuilders web development
  • ioBuilders Marketplace made with:


-React with Typescript using Next JS.

-Components made with Chakra UI based on a design system.

-Use of libraries like react-query, i18n, react hook form, redux, MSWjs, axios, dayjs.

-Testing with jest and testing library.


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