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Aplicación: Pyme/Startup

Empresa: Union Avatars

UnionID is a digital identification solution based on blockchain technology with the aim of being the next identification standard for the Metaverse.

Our proposal begins by creating a realistic avatar from a selfie in just 30 seconds, and then this avatar is minted in a “nested NFT” that will contain the user’s identification data, which we call the Soul NFT. This data is non-transferable and will remain in the user’s wallet forever. In addition, users will be able to store digital assets that they want to take from one “platform” to another, remaining as the sole owners of their assets and maintaining full control over them.

We are creating “nested NFTs” that will allow users to identify themselves on different platforms while storing and trading digital assets that will be interoperable between platforms and blockchains.


User registration on digital platforms has a lot of friction. The following are the key problems and needs that we are trying to address.

  • Data privacy: Identity is not owned by the user, allowing web platforms to have absolute control over user data.
  • Interoperability: User information is not interoperable. Users need different information on different platforms.
  • Password management: Many different passwords to log in to different platforms.
  • Data sharing: Users do not have the ability to decide what information they share with web platforms.
  • Difficult KYC processes: Identifying a user on some platforms is difficult and takes quite a long time, especially when it must be done many times on different platforms.



  • Interoperable: Log in to any platform by just connecting your wallet. Avoid repeating KYC processes every time the user wants to log in to a new platform.
  • Easy: Single sign-on for each platform, just by connecting your identification wallet.
  • Multi ID: Users can store different avatars and choose which one is the best representation of themselves on each platform (realistic, cartoonish, etc.).
  • Secure: User data is owned and custodied by the user, and users decide what information they share with companies. No need to store passwords, blockchain technology provides all the necessary security.


  • +22,000 users.
  • +55,000 avatars created.
  • +110 platforms connected to the API + 130 in pipeline.
  • 1,200,000€ received in investment round.



The use of machine learning algorithms to optimize and automate industrial processes, thus reducing energy consumption and waste. In this way, the company can improve its efficiency and increase its sustainability in the long term.

In addition, we develop on top of Polygon’s blockchain, so it does not have a direct impact.



  • Machine Learning (AI)
  • Software
  • Blockchain


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