Sector: Blockchain Awards

Aplicación: Pyme/Startup

Empresa: Blockiure SL

We are a young technology company specialised in innovative solutions based on blockchain.

Our ambition: to lead the digital transformation of the legal sector with our SaaS platform (B2B/B2C) supported by blockchain technology.

Commercial solution: SaaS platform B2B/B2C with multiple digital tools (3 initial: certification and traceability of secure shipments, document manager, remote identity validation) supported by Blockchain, Facial Recognition and Machine Learning technologies.

Business model: SaaS solution aimed at legal professionals (lawyers, solicitors) and their Professional Associations, complemented by specialised consulting and training services.


Blockiure provides valuable solutions to legal professionals and their associations.

SaaS platform B2B/B2C with multiple tools to optimise processes and digitise legal contracts (Smart Contracts). Complementary services of specialised consulting and training.


  • Blockiure surpasses competitors: Specialisation in the intersection Legal sector vs new advanced technologies (esp. blockchain).
  • User experience: Platform with multiple solutions and services, easy and intuitive. User experience and affordable price for lawyers.
  • Team: Knowledge of Legal sector and solutions for its digital transformation. Expertise for development of blockchain technology and digital products.
  • Press articles

Invertia El Español “Blockiure the startup that does magic with blockchain to boost the legaltech sector that the digital era demands”.

Report on blockchain situation 2022 Blockiure as examples of startups that lead the blockchain development in Spain.

  • Generation of ecosystem within the Legal sector


  • 18 Interviews in media and appearance in relevant publications at national/international level
  • 7 interviews conducted with Boards of government of professional associations interested.
  • 3 collaboration agreements already signed.
  • 2 purchase agreements negotiated and ready for approval.
  • +900 professional users lawyers (lawyers, solicitors).



Blockiure has a positive impact on environmental sustainability. The use of a Blockchain network with a Proof of Stake consensus protocol (such as Polygon) allows the project to be more sustainable than other solutions based on Blockchain, as it significantly reduces the amount of energy required for its operation.

In addition, the elasticity features of the cloud part of the project also make it more sustainable. By using cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the project can scale the necessary resources according to the demand of the network, which reduces energy costs and minimises the impact on the environment.


  • Blockchain/Web3
    • EVM, Polygon
    • Smart Contracts (Solidity, Truffle, Infura)
  • Cloud
    • GCP (Firebase; Functions, Firestore, Storage, Auth)
    • AWS (Route53, SES, SNS, S3)
  • Web Development
    • VueJS, HTML5, CSS
    • CD/CI (BitBucket)


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