Digital Environmental Sovereign Identity

Digital Environmental Sovereign Identity

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Aplicación: Sustainability

Empresa: Servicios ecológicos de recursos para el campo,S.L.

It is a fact that our life is based on data, mainly because we are constantly generating it. Think of our birth certificate, our ID card, our academic, medical, bank details… And this is where the #blockchain comes in, a single database that governs all the others. The Sovereign Digital Environmental Sovereign Identity called Cleannature will be the world’s first global MDI that immutably stores all the data on waste generated by producers.


The technology and the development of the data capture platform designed by the platform will be the necessary sensors for data endorsement. It will be an innovation for the business sector to have a fully demonstrable and transparent environmental reputation awareness system through its Sovereign Digital Environmental Identity.




Currently, there is no waste identification system that allows us to have reliable data on the origin of waste. The pay-as-you-throw system, which is ultimately the fairest and follows the “polluter pays” principle, is the project desired by the administration. Transferring all the data on waste management operations to a Sovereign Digital Environmental Identity, supported by a decentralised network with Blockchain technology, will allow us to collect all the data immutably and generate a proven and certified environmental reputation.


The Environmental Digital Identity will provide a contrasted environmental reputation with the intention of improving your image as an environmentally friendly company.


The final product is a Sovereign Digital Environmental Identity where companies have an immutable record of all their environmental data and milestones, offering this data in a permissive way to the administration. Having reliable and certified data with 100% traceability will allow us to measure the results of the actions undertaken both by the administration in the form of regulations, and by companies in the form of improving their processes and waste treatment.




  • Immutability: The objective is to move all this data from recycling operations associated with users to a private network where we can configure a Wallet / Sovereign Environmental Digital Identity that allows users to keep all their data immutably.
  • Cryptographic Security: We move from a Private Server to a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology).
  • Scalability: Allowing other waste managers, environmental organisations that have user data to be able to write it to their Environmental ID.
  • Certification: The validation of the different Nodes can provide us with certified data that can be valid even for the administration or for private companies that want to reward citizens for their environmental reputation.
  • Big Data: To have: Sovereign Environmental Digital Identity of environmental data and balances, personal Wallet of environmental actions carried out and certified, personal balance in net CO2 emissions and reductions in water consumption, privacy in BIG DATA and data on consumption habits consulted only in a permissive way.



  • More than 5,500 registered users.
  • More than 120,000 personal details of recycling actions.
  • More than €50,000 delivered in individual incentives.
  • 500 Tn of CO2 not emitted into the atmosphere.
  • 000 million of water not consumed in industrial manufacturing processes of raw materials, due to the recovery of recycled materials.




There is currently no waste traceability system that allows the quantity and origin of waste to be known so that it can be traced back to the producer and its treatment can be demonstrated. The door-to-door collection system, which is used in industrial waste management, does not directly identify waste mixed with other waste from other collections or simply arriving at the treatment plant without knowing the origin and quantity of the waste, as several collections are made on the same route.


With the system of identification at source, this problem is solved, and we can have reliable data on the type, quantity and origin of the waste. The data can then be processed and loaded onto a Digital Environmental Identity. This will provide the administration with reliable data and lead to a Payment by Generation. In short, the data are the necessary source for the design of measures to improve the processes and management of the waste generated by the different business sectors. The final product is a Sovereign Environmental Digital Identity where companies and users have an immutable record of all their environmental data and milestones, offering this data in a permissive way to the Administration. By making use of Blockchain technology to support the IDM on a Private Permissioned Network, we will achieve immutable, certified and cryptographically secure data. The Environmental Digital Identity will provide a proven environmental reputation that companies and users will try to improve with the intention of offering an environmentally friendly image.




  • Ethereum
  • ERC20 Utility Token
  • TAPLE Network
  • Windows
  • Private Network Platform
  • Proprietary identification system in smart containers
  • Android
  • IOS


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