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Alastria and the International Association for Sustainable Economy (IASE) announce a collaboration agreement to implement blockchain verification to all IASE certificate holders

London, Madrid, 11 November 2020.- International Association for Sustainable Economy (IASE), the global standards setting body for sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) professionals and owner of the INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABLE FINANCE TM (ISF®) and INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS® (ISB®) certification programmes, and Alastria, one of the largest public-permissions and multi-sector blockchain consortia in the world, born in Spain, today announced that they have signed a support and collaboration agreement to implement Blockchain verification process to all IASE certificate holders.

“In our commitment to promoting best practice standards for ESG professionals, educators and business leaders worldwide for which technology forms a critical part, we are pleased to have this unique opportunity to work collaboratively with ALASTRIA to achieve this shared goal.”, said Javier Manzanares, Chairperson, IASE.

“Through this agreement, in addition to participating in joint projects, IASE is also keen to leverage its extensive network of member organisations in 36 countries and territories around the world to implement blockchain technologies in our certification process” Mr. Manzanares concluded.

“The support of the IASE for the Alastria’s mission is much appreciated. Alastria has a strong commitment to SDG, promoting awareness and driving blockchain use cases that enhance sustainability.”, said María Parga, Chairwoman of Alastria.

“In the new normality, digital skills will be key to achieving business digitisation. In this sense, digital training in sustainability is a tool for companies and blockchains can add transparency, confidence and efficiency to the certification processes of these skills” Ms. Parga explained.

About IASE

IASE benefits humanity by establishing, upholding, and promoting global practice standards for ESG and sustainability professionals. IASE demonstrates its commitment to excellence with its twin qualifications and marks of professional distinction – INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABLE FINANCE ® – ISF ® and INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS ® – ISB ® and their associated logos. IASE has a network of non-for-profit member organisations in 34 countries and territories around the world. For more information, visit