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Alastria Sessions 3: Tokenisation Opportunities

Alastria Sessions 3: Tokenisation Opportunities

Fecha: March 9, 2023

Hora: 18:00 h.

Formato: Presencial

Link: https://tify.cc/7wRt7

The ‘Alastria Sessions’ are back with a session desdicated to the opportunities of tokenisation phenomenon. On March 9th, at GoHub Valencia, we will bring together a group of top experts to talk about tokenisation of tangible and intangible assets.


The ‘Alastria Sessions’ aim to contribute to energize the ecosystem not only blockchain but tech in general, being, on the one hand, a forum for reflection on the latest topics around the future of decentralized technologies and their convergence with others, and, on the other hand, a meeting point to listen and connect people, projects, ideas and knowledge.

This is the third time that Alastria Sessions are held. In this edition we have the support of Blockchain Hub/Startup Valencia.


  • Agenda:


18:00 h.          Welcoming. Diego Ferragud, Hub Blockchain Startup Valencia


18:05 h.          Opening remarks. Blockchain Megatrends. Daniela Corredor, Alastria


18:15 h.          Keynote: Opportunities of tokenisation. Marina Foncuberta, ATH21


18:35 h.          Panel: Tokenisation of intangible assets: Pedro R. López (ClimateCoin), Amparo García (Securitize), Enrique Aznar (Real Fund) y Manuel Linares (Alastria)


19:15 h.          Panel: Tokenisation of tangible assets: Carla Castelló (Reental), Fernando Dávila (Crowmie), Sergio Navarro (Domoblock) y Carmen Chicharro (Metrovacesa)


19:55 h.          Clousure. Miguel Ángel Domínguez, Alastria


20: h.               Cocktail & networking