Traceability and automation of the seafood supply chain

Traceability and automation of the seafood supply chain

Sector: Agriculture and food

Aplicación: Traceability

Empresa: Pevasa, Albacora and Code Contract


The seafood supply chain needed to digitise and automate the process from catching tuna to unloading at the port. The process requires them to manage a large number of documents (in order to move the goods) and share them with many stakeholders outside the company, while ensuring that the product meets all quality and sustainable fishing standards. 


Code Contract’s platform can be integrated into their systems so that they can coordinate, in one place, the various stages of the process without the need to modify technical aspects of their existing methodology, thus facilitating interoperability between the chain’s co-responsible parties, who can share all the documents quickly and securely.  

We also create templates that can be 100% customised to repeat processes and notify those involved, automating steps that used to be done manually and thus saving time and money.  


Blockchain technology allows us to trace the entire process and guarantee that the documents have not been altered in any way. This also enables us to automatically produce reports of the process for auditing purposes, which cuts down management time by between 50 and 70%. 

Deployed on (T Network, B Network, other networks): 

Other networks. We are looking at deploying it in Besu at some point.