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Tokenise or die wrap up of our alastria sessions4

Tokenise or die wrap up of our alastria sessions4

09/10/2023.- Tokenisation is everywhere and is definitely a driver for growth and investment. The general market acceptance is that the technology is mature, it is already a reality and the challenge lies in defining interesting use cases. Tokenisation opens the door to innovation and new business opportunities in different industries. These are some of the ideas on which the speakers invited to the AlastriaSessions4, held on 5 October in Marbella, agreed.

Juan Jiménez Zaballos brought to the conversation the report ‘Tokenise Europe’ which points out that the tokenisation market will reach 1.1 tn euros in Europe by 2025; a market too interesting to ignore. Blockchain and smart contracts are the strategic enablers of this industry.

This is why Luis Pastor (Tritemius and Alastria) highlighted that there is a growing appetite in the market for web3 and digital asset projects, in particular from the institutional sector interested in building the infrastructure connecting the real economy and the tokenised economy.

‘One token, one property’ is what Santiago Cabezas (Datacasas) envisions for the real estate sector. The NFTs will make it possible to have all the characteristics of the properties and their track record and this will offer more transparency to the market.

Miguel Calero (Izertis) highlighted the importance of MiCA and eIDAS2 regulation to develop solutions with certainty. Many assets can be tokenised: Izertis is working on tokenisation projects for wine, energy and carbon credits. The tokenised economy is about having the ability to manage digital assets in the same way we manage assets in the physical world”.

Borja Guaita (Metrovacesa) explained that tokenisation makes it possible to democratise access to real estate investment. Metrovacesa is a benchmark in blockchain innovation in this sector, with tokenisation projects in new sales and engagement channels for its developments. It has recently launched MVC Space, an immersive platform that will allow to pay for a pre-reservation of a home with Bizum, generating a new relationship channel with a digital user profile.

Mirari Barrera (Armanext) highlighted that thanks to the pilot scheme and the regulatory sandbox in Spain there are already companies working to create alternative markets on blockchain. With the use of blockchain, intermediaries disappear and the market becomes more transparent’. Armanext is working to create a financial market where SMEs can have easier access to financing. Mirari acknowledges that although we are at an early stage, “this is something revolutionary that can substantially change the capital markets”.

Carlos Fernandez (Tritemius) pointed out that tokenisation allows for creative thinking about financial assets, not just the underlying technology, which can lead to more growth if you look at it from an investor perspective, and if you look at it from a company perspective, tokenisation allows you to find new markets and new investors that were out of reach.

Moisés Menéndez highlighted the value application of blockchain and shared the experience of ioBuilders in the tokenisation of bonds, shares and money that enable transactions and take advantage of this infrastructure. He explained the experience of tokenisation of a listed bond, issued by the Inter-American Development Bank and in which several banks collaborated.

Thanks to Vicente Ortiz and the team at The Pool Marbella for opening your wonderful space and being our allies in this event.

You can watch the full Alastria Sessions4 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FD59hRWxGXY