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The second edition of the Blockchain Awards lifts off

The second edition of the Blockchain Awards lifts off

Madrid, June 4,2024.- We announce the second edition of the ‘Blockchain Awards’, the awards aimed at identifying, assessing and recognising the most relevant initiatives in digital transformation, innovation, business and/or the economy thanks to the use of blockchain/DLT technology.


After holding the event for the first time in 2023, we are launching a second edition of these awards, aimed at companies, entities and public administrations, through which we recognise the promotion and mass adoption of blockchain technology. With the second edition, we want to consolidate this ecosystem event as a showcase with international projection, serving as a loudspeaker and boosting those projects that are generating a significant impact in various sectors, thanks to the application of this disruptive technology.


‘Blockchain/DLT technology is a key driver of economic growth, thanks to its enormous potential to transform business models, automate processes and solve real problems through distributed technologies. Spain has a great opportunity to become a benchmark in these developments, placing people at the centre of innovation and achieving the confluence of public administrations and companies of all sizes and types,’ said Miguel Ángel Domínguez, president of Alastria. ‘At Alastria, one of our objectives is to be the loudspeaker with international projection of this innovation and disruption, demonstrating that Spain is at the forefront of Europe. The Blockchain Awards seek to contribute to this competitive advantage”, he underlines.


New categories ‘Blockchain Awards’ Alastria 2024


For this reason, we have expanded and updated the categories in which we will recognise those projects that present the use cases that contribute the most to both the productive fabric and society. Specifically, the best blockchain developments in decentralised digital identity; tokenisation and digital assets; industrial uses; Web3 and sustainability will be chosen.


The call for applications began on 3 June and the deadline for submissions is 31 July. In this second edition, we expect to exceed the 70 projects received in 2023. Applications must be submitted using the form available on the Alastria website and following the specifications described above.


Eligibility criteria to apply for the Blockchain Awards


The awards are open to small, medium and large companies, foundations, universities, non-profit organisations and public administrations, i.e. any organisation, both national and international, of any size and regardless of whether it is a member of Alastria. It is essential that any proposal is oriented to the objective of the category; that any candidate organisation has carried out a project related to digital transformation or innovation and that it adds value to the service they offer, the business model they develop, the sector of activity to which they belong and/or the customer experience, based on blockchain as a fundamental part of their development.


These organisations may submit a maximum of two projects – either in the same category or in different categories – according to the following criteria.


  • Decentralised digital identity: digital identity projects that solve real problems and facilitate data sharing, using SSI technologies and aligned with the European digital identity.
  • Tokenisation and digital assets: initiatives that improve services or develop new business models through tokenisation and digital assets.
  • Industrial uses: developments aimed at optimising processes, increasing efficiency or developing new business models in infrastructure, traceability, registration and certification.
  • Web3: projects focused on the creation of communities, evolution of social media, media, marketing, loyalty and gaming.
  • Sustainability: solutions that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, the European Green Deal and ESG principles.




The winners will be selected by the competition’s jury, made up of national and international experts in blockchain technology, business, sustainability and digital transformation. This selection will be based on their degree of innovation and ability to solve real-world problems through disruptive technologies; maturity of the solution in terms of its technological and business development; scalability potential: growth and expansion of the business model; and its impact based on measurable results in terms of added value (economic, social, environmental). The vote of Alastria’s members will also be considered.


Awards ceremony

The Alastria Blockchain Awards are an honorary distinction, whose purpose is to recognise and give visibility to the contribution that the awarded projects are making to the adoption of blockchain technology. The winners in each category will be announced at a gala event to be held on 17 October in Madrid.