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Insurtech: Tech trends and challenges 2024

Insurtech: Tech trends and challenges 2024

Fecha: 15 de febrero de 2024

Hora: 9.30 h. - 12.00 h.

Formato: Presencial

Link: https://more.globant.com/insurtech-tendencias-desafios-2024

February 15, 2024
As part of the Insurtech working group, within the Financial Services sector, on 15 February Alastria is organising, in collaboration with Globant and MAPFRE, a conference to analyse where the Insurtech sector is heading and how blockchain, AI and other technologies will revolutionise the insurance industry in 2024. Experts from the insurance sector and the world of technology, including MAPFRE, Santalucía, the Spanish Fintech and Insurtech Association, Globant and Izertis, will participate in this event.

The event is face-to-face and has limited capacity. To attend it is necessary to register through this link:


With the support of “Plataformas Tecnológicas y de Innovación, Agencia Española de Innovación. PTR2022-001376”.