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I Conference “Cryptoassets and banking sector”

I Conference “Cryptoassets and banking sector”

Fecha: 14 November

Hora: 09:00

Formato: Online

Link: https://web.icam.es/events/i-congreso-sobre-criptoactivos-y-sector-bancario/

Blockchain technology is rapidly changing economic activity, investments and financing. The European regulatory framework is taking its first steps with the enactment of regulation (EU) 2022/858 of 30 may on a pilot scheme for market infrastructures based on decentralized registry technology. 

The long-awaited regulation on markets in cryptoassets (MICA), which aims to implement distributed ledger technology (DLT) and virtual asset regulation in the European Union, will see the light of day. In addition, banking institutions are developing business models related to this new technological reality and making progress in adapting to the new legal framework. The digital euro and stablecoins are initiatives in which banks will have a decisive involvement, in addition to the provision of services by crypto-asset-related services entities. 

 For all these reasons, the congress “Cryptoassets and Banking Sector: financial institutions and blockchain technology” is an opportunity for updating and debate among peers that will include international experts from the banking, legal, services, technology and business sectors. The congress will address, from different perspectives, legal, business and institutional issues on the opportunities and challenges offered by the new blockchain reality. 

More information and registration: https://web.icam.es/events/i-congreso-sobre-criptoactivos-y-sector-bancario/ 

Organised by Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid 

Place: Salón de Actos del Colegio. C/ Serrano, 9