Employee timekeeping system 

Employee timekeeping system 

Sector: Human resources

Aplicación: Certification

Empresa: Open Canarias

Companies need to ensure that time sheets are digitally signed by employees in an indisputable manner and employees need to ensure that the time sheets they submit are not subsequently altered by their companies.   


  • We have an employee timekeeper that works with a digital identity linked to each employee.  
  • The digital identity is initially generated by the company (to comply with the EIDAS regulation), creating an “Open Canarias Employee” credential.  
  • Employees must use their digital wallet (which has also been developed in-house and is compatible with ID_Alastria) to log in.  
  • When they complete their working hours, they must digitally sign the time sheet using their digital identity before submitting it.  

 Results what blockchain offers:  

  • Alastria’s digital identity is one of the key features of the solution. It brings the element of reliability and immutability to the submitted sheets, and is also a way to ensure the transparency of the submission.  
  • As the submission (not the document) is recorded on a public network, it can be verified thereafter using any node, i.e. without having to use the company’s own node.  

Deployed on (T Network, B Network, other networks): Alastria’s T Network.