Document logging system 

Document logging system 

Sector: Multiple

Aplicación: Certification

Empresa: Open Canarias

Documents sent by companies (or individuals) can be tampered with after they have been sent. It is therefore necessary to build in a mechanism that provides additional documentary log information.  


  • The document logging system allows both companies and individuals to obtain electronic proof of the accuracy of documents, which is then added to said documents in the next submission.  
  • This proof of the documents being logged is stored in a blockchain network for later verification.  

Results what blockchain offers:  

The document logging system gives users immutable proof of the existence and authenticity of documents. This document can be any digital file (text, image, etc.).  

Deployed on (T Network, B Network, other networks):  

Ethereum’s Ropsten network (free version) (  

Ethereum’s Mainnet network (paid version)