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Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders

Fecha: October 19, 2023

Hora: 6:00 pm

Formato: Presencial

Link: https://www.digital-leaders.es/

October 19, 2023
In-person and streaming

IEBS Business School presents The Next About Digital Leaders, a face to face and online event in which visionary digital leaders will share their experiences and knowledge about the futuristic, technological, innovative and humanistic skills needed to create a successful future in today’s volatile, uncertain and changing times.


In the new economic, social and technological context in which we find ourselves, digital leaders are needed who are able to understand and bring about the change that organisations need. The world of work is undergoing major transformations and with it the concept of both personal and professional development is changing. New methods are needed to understand the current big picture and how to manage it in times of crisis.


The Next About Digital Leaders will inspire attendees with stories from digital leaders on how they apply digital technologies and how they lead change projects, as well as reflecting on leadership and business organisation for an era of abundance. The presentations will deal with relevant and current topics such as the NoCode movement and AI to increase team productivity, Future Thinking, Technology with an impact on people and how to address the dilemma of innovation in the company.


The agenda of speakers will include renowned professionals in the sector such as Miguel Angel Fort, Managing Director at ISDI Coders, Matthias Schneider, Partner at Nouvel and Boutique Advisory in Corporate Innovation, Marta Rey, co-founder of the agency @MarkingAvatar and Digital Marketing consultant, Oscar Sala, Venture Partner and Head of DeepTech Program and Vinyet Bravo Rojo, Director of Innovation and Technology at Adecco Outsourcing.


The event will be held in the Conference Room Bogatell at Attico, an open-plan space with natural light in the heart of the 22@ district.