Decentralized digital identity for football fans

Decentralized digital identity for football fans

Sector: Sports

Aplicación: Digital Identity

Empresa: Wise Security Global

  • Challenge:

Within the principles expressed in the Strategic Plan 2020-2024 regarding social impact, image and international projection, and digital transformation of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the aspiration was to offer fans a novel experience that, technologically, would be pioneering among similar applications of other national federations, and with the most advanced security standards.


  • Solution:


Wise Security Global has developed MÁS La Roja Fan APP, which includes Blockchain technology to protect the identity of its ‘fans’. Within the APP itself, users can obtain their Spanish National Team membership card, an exclusive way to belong to and support La Roja, and to obtain unique advantages.


This is the first time that a sports federation in the world implements decentralized digital identity with Blockchain technology. Thanks to its integration with Wise’s Definitive ID® solution, the membership card allows each user to prove their status as a Fan of the National Team and obtain important advantages both with the National Team and with Third Parties with which this entity is integrated (preferences in discounts from sponsors, for example).


Definitive ID® technology meets 3 basic premises as an identification system with Blockchain: Security, Simplicity and Data Sovereignty as the basis for digital identity management.


-Definitive ID® creates the user’s main data in the form of verifiable credentials. These credentials remain in the sole possession of the user with the power to assign and use them at any time.

-Ensures compliance with GDPR and eIDAS2 laws.

-Mitigates economic and reputational risks caused by lack of traceability, transparency and misuse of data.

-Creates a simple, clear, secure and self-sovereign digital environment for a brand’s users.


  • Results:


MÁS Fan APP is not only a channel with information, exclusive proposals and associated advantages. Its main difference focuses on data management: Decentralized Digital Identity with Blockchain technology. Wise Security Global has implemented decentralized digital identity management in a pioneering way to ensure the privacy of all users’ data. Fans of the Spanish National Team gain in confidence and security, and the RFEF brings innovation and regulatory alignment with the new European legislation, in addition to being able to offer advantages with Third Parties in a totally secure way for user data.


With the APP, fans from anywhere in the world will have a virtual card, in their wallet, without the need for a password but with maximum security.


The APP can be downloaded here:


  • Deployed in: Alastria T-network.