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CHAISE: Education and Skills for a Decentralised Digital Ecosystem

CHAISE: Education and Skills for a Decentralised Digital Ecosystem

Fecha: May 22, 2024

Hora: 11:30 am

Formato: Online

Link: https://community.inatba.org/events/146884

May 22, 2024
Darmstadt, Germany

We are happy to announce the opportunity to participate in a collaborative roundtable discussion about the future of blockchain education at the CHAISE final event, organized as part of Blockchain Horizons: INATBA’s Academic and R&D Forum, on May 22nd in Darmstadt, Germany.

Hosted in partnership by the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) and the CHAISE Consortium, this exclusive event marks the culmination of the 4-year EU-funded project, CHAISE: Blockchain Skills for Europe.

During this event, attendees will engage in a dynamic roundtable discussion focusing on presenting outcomes and future plans of the CHAISE project. Its objectives include enhancing collaboration and knowledge transfer from business to academia, and creating a decentralized blockchain training and marketplace platform, with the ultimate goal of bringing blockchain to everyone.

This collaborative format aims to gather valuable insights that will inform the development of national curricula, educational strategies, and training plans related to blockchain and emerging technologies.

By participating in the CHAISE final event, you will contribute to the advancement of digital skills and the empowerment of future generations in the digital economy. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help shape the future of blockchain education!