Blockchain transaction cost estimation system (gas) 

Blockchain transaction cost estimation system (gas) 

Sector: Technology

Aplicación: Certification

Empresa: Open Canarias 

Developers of blockchain applications do not know how much a transaction executing on the network will cost them at the moment the user of their application presses the Submit button. Without built-in transaction cost estimation and management mechanisms, the cost of a transaction can be much higher than a similar transaction minutes later.  


  • Open Canarias’ transaction gas cost calculator allows you to display an estimate of the cost of a transaction prior to sending it to the network.  
  • This free calculator shows the potential of the API of our EthTxManager product, available under licence for Ethereum networks.  

 Results what blockchain offers:  

Developers can choose whether to execute in immediate, normal or delayed mode by playing with the various fee rates, thus achieving cost savings.  

Deployed on (T Network, B Network, other networks):  

-Ethereum’s Ropsten network (free version) (  

-Ethereum’s Mainnet network (paid version)