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Blockchain challenge Las Rozas

Blockchain challenge Las Rozas

Fecha: 6 October-6 November 2022

Hora: Octuber 6th (Thursday) 9:00 am – November 6th (Sunday) 12:00 pm

Formato: Online

Link: https://lasrozasinnova.es/reto-blockchain-las-rozas/

How blockchain technology can help Las Rozas in the areas of energy, e-government and in its development as a smart city? This is the challenge that Las Rozas Innova and Alastria are launching for the second year to the blockchain ecosystem to identify proposals applicable to cities and that allow Las Rozas to continue growing hand in hand with the most secure and disruptive technology. 

The competition seeks to identify “Blockchain Interesting Projects” in two categories: 

– Idea/project category: recognizes solutions whose project has not yet reached the market. 

– Startup category: recognizes validated and proven solutions in the market. 

Rules and registration form: https://lasrozasinnova.es/reto-blockchain-las-rozas/