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Art, movies and tourism featured at Open Day NFT

Art, movies and tourism featured at Open Day NFT

Madrid, January 25, 2023.- Art, movies and tourism industries were the protagonists of Alastria’s 3rd NFT Open Day, where we had the opportunity to delve into three new projects of Alastria partners –ioBuilders, Vottun and Ways-, which highlighted the use of this functionality as a tool that adds value and not as an end in itself (and far away from speculation).


Carmen Ballesta, Chief Business Officer of ioBuilders, presented Obilum Art, a curated digital art platform based on blockchain for the sale of the works on display. They don’t cut out the middlemen from the curated art value chain, but rather incorporate them into the platform. “One of the demands of buyers is to know if the art-work they are buying has artistic value; that is why it is so important to have art experts within the project.” They use Palm technology.


Jesús Castaño, co-founder of Ways, shared how the journey has been for the launch of the NFT Peregrinus collection, an additional value of their Camino de Santiago tourism experience platform, which integrates the talent of four local artists linked to the Camino. “The NFTs allow pilgrims to customize and recreate unique pieces,” in addition to the fact that they can be used in other initiatives. They use Polygon.


Xavier Rull, Head of Media at @Vottun, explained the NFT Collection of the horror movie saga [REC], called REC-Resurrection. This collection was developed on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the saga and one of the elements that stand out are the utilities incorporated to the NFTs: “We want to make community and bring value to the fans; for them the NFTs must have utilities that serve to do things”. They use Polygon.


Verónica Cebrián and Pablo de Vargas, co-leaders of the digital arts and culture sector, pointed out the enormous potential of NFTs for cultural industries if we understand them as a tool and not as an end in itself. “We have seen a lot of news around NFTs where there is confusing information; more pedagogy is needed around NFTs so that the value they have for business models, for creators and for buyers is understood,” they concluded.


Sergio Gallastegui (Code Contract) and Cristina Martínez Laburta (Telefónica) also participated in this session to deepen the technological and legal aspects of the projects presented.