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AlastriaSessions3: Tokenization opens up new opportunities for industry and users

AlastriaSessions3:  Tokenization opens up new opportunities for industry and users

Madrid, 10 March 2023 – Yesterday we held the third edition of the Alastria Sessions, which on this occasion was dedicated to delve into the opportunities, challenges and lessons learned from the tokenisation projects that are already a reality within the blockchain ecosystem.

Here are some of the most inspiring ideas:

-Marina Foncuberta Cortés (ATH21): “Tokenising is democratising”. Of course, you have to do it well, understanding the intrinsic rights of tokenised assets and with the proper legal advice.

– Amparo Garcia Flores (Securitize): “Security tokens open the door to the world of private capital markets”. The unresolved issues in the Pilot Regime are an opportunity to co-create regulation hand in hand with the regulator.

-Enrique Aznar (Real Fund): “We must dispel the confusion, eliminate the false idea that there is no regulation (there is a part and it can be applied) and act with rigour. Failed projects affect the reputation of the entire ecosystem. Their experience in the sandbox has been positive.

-Pedro Ramón López García (Climatecoin): “ESG is here to stay. The tokenisation of carbon credits offers opportunities for companies to fight climate change”. You don’t have to look outside to see innovative models: “The new Silicon Valley is in Valencia”.

– Fernando Dávila Ponce de León Gámez (Crowmie): “One of the most important points in tokenisation is to create the community. It is not necessary for users to know the technology behind it, but they do need to know the benefits it offers”. Raising awareness of tokenisation and renewable energies is part of their business model.

– Carla Castelló (Reental): “It is key to generate trust, at the end of the day the user of these solutions is interested in the investment and the technology has to be easy to understand and use”. The user experience and usability must be improved.

– Sergio Navarro (Domoblock): “Tokenisation allows us to offer real estate investment alternatives to ordinary investors who cannot access them through the traditional model”. It is important to understand the differences between the tokenisation of tangible and intangible assets.

– Carmen Chicharro (Metrovacesa): “Collaboration between corporations and startups favours innovation”.

– Miguel Angel Domínguez Castellano (Alastria): “The Spanish blockchain services infrastructure project within the ReTech projects will provide options for companies and startups to deploy their use cases, without having to look for networks outside”.

Undoubtedly, the return of Alastria Sessions, with these speakers, could not be better! Thanks to Diego Ferragud Trillo and the Startup Valencia Blockchain Hub team for being the perfect ‘partners in crime’ in this initiative.

If you were unable to attend, here is the video: https://lnkd.in/dvMkb5nB