Tokenization of inventory assets with blockchain

Tokenization of inventory assets with blockchain

Sector: Telecommunications

Aplicación: Tokenisation

Empresa: Atrebo

  • Challenge:

Considering the importance of data privacy and to ensure data security, Atrebo has developed a solution that uses a tokenization process to replace sensitive data with a non-sensitive unique ID, without compromising privacy.

  • Solution:

Atrebo has incorporated blockchain into its TREE platform, dedicated to the lifecycle management of telecommunications assets and infrastructures. By integrating with Telefónica Tech’s TrustOS system, telecom infrastructure operators will have a reliable solution that will provide them with information in real time and with full guarantee of transparency and traceability.

It is possible, for example, to use this blockchain technology when a new site rental contract is made. By selecting the contract created, this information can be easily sent to the platform to perform the tokenization process.

To certify contract audits, simply use the TREE platform to read a specific QR-generated security code available on the blockchain platform.

  • Results:

This solution makes it possible to guarantee data traceability. If the contract undergoes any modification, such as savings obtained through the renegotiations module, all changes will be updated following the same process, providing telecom infrastructure operators with a reliable solution for any asset audit process.

The use of blockchain will allow to easily certify and therefore audit not only their current status, but also the history of actions taken on contracts.

  • It is deployed in (T network, B network, other networks):

Atrebo TREE uses a managed blockchain service provided by Telefónica Tech’s TrustOS platform with which it is integrated via API/REST.