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First open-distributed marketplace ecosystem of verified cloud, edge & AI services in Europe is almost here

First open-distributed marketplace ecosystem of verified cloud, edge & AI services in Europe is almost here

June 21, 2024.- The Distributed Open Marketplace Europe (DOME) Project is a European initiative to federate the fragmented offer of cloud and edge digital services. The federated approach enables interaction between actors from different countries and sizes and publishing services on a
single catalogue.


The Project is now ready to launch the first version of its Cloud & Edge Marketplace, a web portal where customers can find a single catalogue of trustable cloud, edge, and artificial intelligence digital services. It is a comprehensive online catalogue of cloud-to-edge offerings, available through a federated collection of independent marketplaces connected to cloud and platform providers.


The uniqueness of the marketplace is its ability to generate and use verifiable credentials ensuring the publication of trusted services, according to EU regulation. In other words, it enables a standardised way to verify that services and providers are certified and trustable, to build the expected European Digital Trust.


The marketplace:

  •  provides trusted and standardised access to service providers’ offers, matching customers’ demands.
  • ensures verified and comparable qualification across services and products.
  • facilitates simple and transparent transactions and service management.


“The Marketplace deployed by the DOME Project is not a solution that competes with existing actors in the market”, says Giuseppe Cafiso from Engineering, Project Coordinator. “We aim to involve all of them, starting from an ecosystem of federated marketplaces up to all the cloud providers around Europe to create a unique Cloud catalogue built on certified products to improve customers’ trust”.


On Jun 26, 2024, an informative webinar will be delivered to the general audience, to explain the benefits oft he DOME Project marketplace. It will feature a demonstration of the marketplace facilities, the operation and business model roadmaps, the conditions for providers to be able to promote their services, and the testimonial of a cloud service provider who has already published several services.


On July 4, 2024, the DOME Project marketplace will be open for Providers of cloud-to-edge and artificial intelligence digital services to register and start publishing their services in the catalogue. Customers will be able to access the catalogue of initial services that will be progressively populated with new services overtime.


Boosting the EU-cloud industry: A central piece of Europe’s Digital future.


The proposed Marketplace is an integral part of the DOME Project, which aligns with Europe’s vision for a digital future driven by cloud computing. As part of the European Commission’s strategy, initiatives like the Digital Europe Programme and the Connecting Europe Facility are critical. These programs aim to co-invest with Member States in developing new digital infrastructures and upgrading existing capacities at both the EU and national levels. The goal is to provide European businesses and public organisations with the necessary data processing capabilities to support their digital transformation.

In this context, the Marketplace is designed to enhance the availability of trustworthy cloud and edge services, especially for sectors that deal with sensitive data, such as the public sector. It focuses on increasing the adoption of cloud-to-edge services among public and private entities, particularly in sectors like healthcare that are lagging in cloud adoption.


The Marketplace deployed by the DOME project spearheads the EU’s objective of reinforcing open strategic digital autonomy, ensuring that the digital transformation of the economy is secure, fair, inclusive, and resource-efficient. By fulfilling these objectives, the proposed
federated Marketplace is pivotal in driving Europe’s digital future forward.


Register for DOME Project’s Upcoming Webinar about the Marketplace

To further introduce the DOME Project’s Marketplace and discuss the benefits of verified cloud and edge services, the project team is hosting a webinar on the 26th of June, from 11:00 to 12:15 CEST. Join us to discover more about the federated Marketplace and engage with experts in the field. Registration form here.


A collaborative effort of consortium members from 14 EU Countries

The DOME Project, a consortium of +40 organisations from 14 European countries, supporting European cloud-to-edge infrastructure and services, is proud to announce the launch of the first open distributed marketplace ecosystem for verified cloud, edge, and AI services in Europe. DOME project project is coordinated by Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa in collaboration with IN2; as technical coordinator, and the consortium is constituted by organisations from industry, research institutions, and academies, such as: Activage Association; Alastria; Beia Consult International; CloudFerro; CSI Piemonte; Cyfronet; Dawex; DEKRA Testing And Certification; Demetrix; Digitanimal; Digitel TS; E-Group Ict Software; Elliot Cloud; Etna Hitech; European Dynamics; Expert.Ai.; FIWARE Foundation; Fundingbox Research; Ficodes; Golem; HashNET; Idom Consulting; Inetum; Inno-Focus; Ionos; Libelium; Nicos Aktiengesellschaft; Orange; Outscale; Pons IP; Portel Logistic; Quality House, iSHARE Foundation; Teamdev; Tecnalia Fundacion Research & Innovation; Time.Lex; TOP-IX Consortium; Ubiwhere.