What we’re asked about Alastria

How do I become a member?

To become a member you just have to send us the signed membership application, have your application accepted by the Management Board and pay the fee. Once your application has been approved by the Management Board you can start taking part in Alastria, and once the fee has been paid you will become a full member.

In addition to paying the association fee, if a pilot is developed on the Alastria Blockchain Network and transactions are carried out in this pilot, does each transaction have to be paid for? There are no extra costs, in other words, there is no cost per transaction, only the cost of the annual fee, depending on the size of the company.

What period does the fee cover?

Once a member has been admitted and has paid the fee for the current year, the following fees will be annual and invoiced at the beginning of the year.

Can a natural person form part of Alastria?

No. We’re working on the option of incorporating memberships of natural persons, but we don’t yet have an agreement to incorporate them into the association. We foresee that natural persons will be incorporated in the future.

I’m a start-up company, do I have to pay a fee?

Yes. The SME fee has been designed to accept start-up companies.

I’m an ONG, a university or a non-profit entity, do I have to pay a fee?

No. Non-profit organisations don’t have to pay a fee, they have to sign up to an agreement with Alastria prepared by our legal committee.

How can I get involved in the association?

The association works through committees and commissions; each committee appoints its working commissions involving the members to develop the work for the association.

Can I be on more than one commission?

All members may have representatives on all the commissions, who can play either active or listening roles. Their involvement is particularly important in the ECOs (ecosystems).

How are the commissions organised?

The commissions are working groups that are organised via Alastria’s Meeting Point (Members’ Area); they have a leader who manages everything related to the commissions, as well as a work plan supervised by the management board via the committee sponsor.

When my organisation joins Alastria and proceeds to pay the fee, is it subject to VAT? Does Alastria become my provider?

No, the Alastria Association is governed by Organic Law 1/2002 of 22 March on the Right of Association; it does not conduct business activity subject to VAT nor is it included in the census of entrepreneurs. Therefore, this constitutes the payment of a fee to an Association, which is not liable to VAT and by virtue of which Alastria does not become part of the list of suppliers of the organisation which are associated with Alastria.

What is Alastria’s tax ID number?

Alastria’s tax ID number is G87936159

How is a node incorporated into the network?

It’s necessary to become a member to include a node in Alastria’s network. However, once the above condition has been fulfilled, it’s quite simple to follow the steps indicated in the section entitled: Are you a developer?


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