Alastria partners have two operational networks (Network T and Network B) on which nodes can be deployed (either regular nodes or critical: validators and bootnodes). The requirements to install a node in any of these networks is, first, to be a member and, second, to accept the Government Policies and Good use of the nodes, which you can find below.

But let us first tell you something more about these networks. Next, you’ll find out how we work on the platform and see how to help us develop it.

The first of Alastria’s partner node networks (Red T) is built on Quorum technology. The second of the networks (Network B) is built on Hyperledger Besu.

Alastria partners have defined that we are an “agnostic” blockchain platform (we do not trust our development to a single platform), so we have started work on creating another type of network based on HyperLedger Fabric (from The Linux Foundation) on how to interconnect the three networks and with other networks in the future.

Are you a developer?

Alastria is under continuous construction. Discover how our platforms work and how you can work on them. It contributes to the improvement of our network by providing nodes, developing apps, etc.


Installation tutorials

It’s time to begin!

Minimum system requirements

It is necessary to enable the following network ports on the machine where we are going to deploy the RedT node:

Minimum requirements of a Red B Alastria node

It is necessary to enable the following network ports on the machine where we are going to deploy the RedB node:

Installation tutorials

node validate icon

How a Regular Node is installed in Alastria Red-T network

node validate icon

How to set up a Regular Node in Alastria Red-B network

Governance Policies

Once the node is installed it is necessary to know and accept the Government Policies defined by the partners in Alastria in order to proceed to the incorporation of a node in the networks and start using it. Get to know them!

NETWORK resources and tutorials

Continue with the configuration and know the details of the Alastria platform.

At any time do not hesitate to contact us through Alastria’s Slack channels (available with existing information on the Wikis)


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