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Alastria Sessions 4: Tokenise or die!

Alastria Sessions 4: Tokenise or die!

Fecha: October 5, 2023

Hora: 5:00 pm

Formato: Presencial

Link: https://inscripciones.alastria.io/alastria-sessions-marbella

Save the date! October 5, 2023

The Alastria Sessions are back to dive deeper into tokenization, which some analysts believe could be the ‘killer use-case’ that facilitates the mainstream adoption of blockchain. According to Citi, a market volume of between $4 trillion and $5 trillion of tokenized assets is estimated by 2030.


From an industry and technology perspective, the opportunities offered by the tokenization of real-world assets, including real estate, energy or telecom infrastructure tokenization, will be discussed. The results of experiences in the tokenization of different financial instruments and the new businesses that arise around them will also be discussed. There will also be space to discuss the trends that are shaping the future of DLTs and where the investment world is looking.


17:00 – 17:30 h. Networking coffee.

5:30 – 5:35 h. Welcoming. Vicente Ortiz, The Pool

5:35 – 5:45 h. Blockchain Megatrends. Juan Jiménez Zaballos, Alastria. *In English.

5:45 – 6:05 h. Keynote: VC and Venture Building in Web3 and Digital Assets. Luis Pastor, Alastria / Tritemius. *In English.

6:05 – 6:50 h. Tokenisation real world assets use cases: real estate and energy. Speakers. Borja Guaita (Metrovacesa), Santiago Cabezas (Datacasas) and Miguel Calero (Izertis). Modetator: Vicente Ortiz (Vicox).

6:50 – 7:35 h. Tokenisation in financial instruments use cases. Speakers: Mirari Barrena (Armanext), Moisés Menéndez (ioBuilders) and Carlos Fernández (Tritemius). Moderator: Manuel Linares (Alastria).

7:35 – 7:45 h. Closing remarks. Juan Jiménez Zaballos, Alastria

Register here: https://inscripciones.alastria.io/alastria-sessions-marbella