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Alastria launches the first Blockchain Map in Spain

Alastria launches the first Blockchain Map in Spain

According to the European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum, in the last two years Spain has registered a growth in the number of companies in the blockchain industry of 41%, reaching a total of 212 SMEs and startups developing this technology. However, different studies carried out by Alastria and Cotec Foundation, Ametic, Acció or the Digital Asset Institute allow concluding that the emerging blockchain industry in Spain is even bigger, starting to observe productive cases with a significant impact.

With the aim of offering a global vision of the blockchain industry in Spain, Alastria in collaboration with INVYO, has developed the first Blockchain Map in Spain, a living compilation that is intended to size a sector in fast growth to know which are the builders and shapers companies in this market. INVYO is a leading provider of technological solutions, specializing in data processing and analysis for data exploration, control, and visualization.

“Determining the size of the Blockchain industry in Spain is a task that entails difficulty as this is a nascent industry somehow living its infancy, there are neither official sources of economic activities that could allow us grasping its dimension at a national level, nor getting to know the number of jobs it generates or its impact on GDP. Hence, we decided to fix this through our partnership with INVYO, a company devoted in screening and scouting diverse innovation clusters, to build this first map which will be updated periodically”, explained Juan Jiménez Zaballos, CEO at Alastria.

“Mapping an industry in its infancy such as blockchain, has been a fantastic challenge. Not only we had to implement specific models to search for companies but also to categorize them using natural language processing algorithms that are able to tell us to which vertical each company belongs. Could not have chosen a better association than Alastria for this challenge”, said Jaime Saborido, Spain director at INVYO.

The objective was to map the entire blockchain ecosystem in Spain according to sectoral and geographical criteria.  By connecting all internal and external data sources, INVYO facilitates the understanding of data to make it usable and actionable.

The INVYO’s solution facilitate to aggregate information to feed and enrich the files of the target companies, not only thanks to the client’s data but also thanks to internal tools allowing automatic data mining in the Open Data. In addition, a few filters are available to sort the mapping by category or by region. This map includes the constitution of a datalake through the development of a web application allowing to display in a simple and comprehensible way the whole ecosystem.

In this first version, 145 companies considered ‘builders & shapers’ have been identified, representing more than 6 thousand jobs. The main activity of these companies is oriented to Fintech services, followed by Digital Assets/Crypto and thirdly to Blockchain as s Services (BaaS).

The map is open to the entire ecosystem, any company that is working on blockchain can apply for inclusion for free. In a second stage, the Blockchain Map of Spain will be incorporating more information, such as turnover, financing rounds and other data that are of interest to the ecosystem and investors.

Take a look at the blockchain map here: https://mappingblockchainspain.io/

More info about INVYO: https://invyo.io/es/  and  https://marketing.invyo.io/es/dms